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Welcome to Metamorphosis Medical Retreats

Affordable cosmetic surgery & affordable plastic surgery like breast implants, lap band, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, gender reassignment surgery, and more available from top surgeons in Thailand. Explore Medical Tourism with us!

Why Metamorphosis Medical Retreats

Metamorphosis Medical Retreats pioneered Cosmetic Tourism in North America. We have since expanded around the globe. We are proud to serve patients from all over. Including; Australia, UK, China, and Japan.

Concerned about quality of care? Just ask your government... The US State Department states that in Bangkok, 'excellent facilities exist for routine, long-term and emergency health care.' The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office adds that Bangkok has 'excellent international hospitals'.

Medical Tourism & Surgery in Thailand

Whatever you wish to call it, there is no denying the significance of this trend spreading throughout the world. Medical Tourism and its electively centered cousin Cosmetic Tourism have gained recognition worldwide as a viable option to expensive surgery in one’s home country.

Discover the advantages of having your cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, or dental surgery performed overseas. Thailand has established itself as the worldwide leader for Medical Tourism through its premium hospitals and talented plastic surgeons. Your cosmetic surgery procedure will be performed at ISO and JCI/JCAHO accredited facilities by board certified surgeons using the latest techniques. Learn about some of the exciting surgical options available here.

Let MMR assist you in reaching your dreams. Get the fantastic results others have experienced by combining affordable plastic surgery with a relaxing holiday in amazing Thailand.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism, also called Health Tourism is the umbrella term used for people seeking healthcare outside of their home countries. Elective surgeries like breast enlargement or rhinoplasty surgery are usually accompanied by a brief holiday following the surgery. In most cases, in destination countries, costs of health care are far less than that of western nations. This, combined with ongoing advancements in standards and technology, has fueled one of the fastest growing sectors in the health care industry. Click here for an indepth look at Medical Tourism.

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The Steps to Surgery in Thailand